Word Paradise

Web Based Word Game Application

Tools Used

Project Overview

Word Paradise is a word guessing game, as the name would imply. The user can test their vocabulary with the game. The player can choose from one of the two categories in this game, and to go to paradise—that is, to complete the game—they must guess some perfect words. There are home and category, game, and winning screens in the game. The game is just a web-based demo that can only now be played online.

Color Scheme

The Objective

The main objective of this project was to create a vocabulary game that is both challenging and enjoyable. The game would include an introduction page, category page where the user can select a category, and the main game page where users can select letters to play. To make the game more engaging, we utilized appealing color combinations, backgrounds, and animations.



The first step in this project was to come up with a name, concept, idea, or theme for the game. We decided on the name "Word Paradise" and designed the theme to give users the feeling of being in a paradise.


Designing involved using programs like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop to create the home screen, category screen, game screen, and winning screen, ensuring consistency in the theme and design across all screens.



Once the design was finalized, all the assets were exported and then coded using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build the game. The final step was to add additional features, such as a winning scenario, music, or instructions on how to play the game. This was done to enhance the overall user experience and make the game more engaging for players. Overall, the process involved careful planning and execution to create a visually appealing and interactive word game.


The goal of this project was to create a simply accessible design and working application for viewing various restaurants menus and book reservations. Finally, all the steps came together to create a successful app. This interactive software demonstrated skills from many different fields of design and media. You can access the final app prototype to have a clear understanding.