Hither outdoors


Tools Used

Project Overview

The main goal of this project was to establish an outdoor gear and clothing brand that caters to a particular demographic of my choice. For this project, my target audience was young Canadians aged between 16 and 25 from middle to upper-middle-class backgrounds, who experience the pressures of modern life. The brand identity of Hither Outdoors revolves around the concept of freedom and escaping from the strains of daily life by reconnecting with nature. The complete pitch for Hither Outdoors encompasses a Visual Brand Identity document, a series of specific icons to be utilized on clothing, illustrations of branded apparel, two promotional videos, and an interactive retail exhibit.



To commence this project, my first step was to determine my target audience. I aimed to create a brand that caters to young Canadians who are experiencing the difficulties of coming of age in the contemporary world. These individuals are searching for means to break free from their worries, and Hither Outdoors is there to aid them with top-notch and comfortable gear and clothing. The ultimate objective is to establish the brand as a symbol of youthfulness, fashion, independence, and rediscovery of nature.


After identifying the target audience, I began to sketch the logos for Hither Outdoors. The sketches were intended to be rough drafts that were later refined in Illustrator to create the final logo. I chose an arrow as the primary icon, which represents the meaning of the word "hither," which is towards something.


Following the finalization of the visual identity guidelines, my subsequent responsibility entailed designing icons for Hither Outdoors' clothing line. The icons were required to indicate the apparel ability to withstand different environmental conditions, suitability for various forms of exercise, and long-lasting durability.


The primary objective was to develop a set of guidelines for the visual identity of Hither Outdoors, also known as a brand book, encompassing elements such as the brand's story, logo, appropriate usage of the logo, color scheme, typography, and other relevant details.

The subsequent objective is to create prototypes that display the branded clothing items such as t-shirts, tags, caps, and other similar products.


Display of some branded clothing items offered by Hither Ourdoors such as t-shirts, tags, caps, and other similar products.

After finishing the mockups and patches, my next task involved producing a couple of social media marketing videos for Hither Outdoors. These videos were created in multiple sizes to cater to different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and standard dimensions.